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IT Systems Security and Encryption Services

IT Systems Security and Encryption Services

  • Regulatory compliance has become critical to many businesses. As the adoption of public cloud and web-based technology resources continues to increase, and with the proliferation of BYOD, your customers’ requirements for the security of their personal and financial data is ever more important to your business.

Whether your need is as straight forward as email encryption, or as complicated as enterprise-wide IT systems security, N2N has the practical expertise and partnerships with the industry’s leading security software vendors to provide the assurance and peace of mind you require.

Email Encryption

N2N delivers software and support for ZixCorp’s Email Encryption solutions. ZixGateway is a policy-based email encryption gateway for privacy and compliance. ZixGateway automatically scans for sensitive information based on defined corporate policies. If sensitive information is found, it can be either blocked or sent encrypted. Its policy-based encryption means the process is transparent to your users. Emails are automatically decrypted at the perimeter of the network, and emails are received transparently, without the need for passwords or extra steps. Your clients will receive encrypted email just like any other email.

Security Assessment & Risk Management

What do the industry’s compliance requirements really mean for my company?
How do I maintain ownership rights for my company’s data and enable my customers to do the same?
Can I reduce my company’s IT security risks and allow BYOD?
What is BYOD?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, you’re not alone these days. Many small- and medium-size businesses are not required to implement standards for regulatory compliance with PCI, SOX and HIPAA, because they outsource business functions that, if handled in-house, would necessitate additional attention to data and systems security.  However, as consumer adoption of cloud-based software increases and the awareness that their personal and financial data is being stored somewhere in ‘the cloud’, businesses of all sizes are adopting those IT security measures in answer to their customers’ concerns, regardless of industry-based compliance regulations.

The proliferation of employee-owned smart phones and tablets in use in the workplace is cause for additional attention to corporate IT systems security. Increasingly, people are using their personal mobile devices to manage their entire life — planning family schedules, banking—and checking and responding to business emails, which presents both opportunities and risks for employers. This practice, called Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is difficult to prevent and does offer some advantages for companies. Despite valid concerns for an increased threat to network security among other risks, BYOD allows companies to enjoy the efficiency of leading-edge technologies on the employee’s preferred, familiar device. Contact us today for more information.