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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

  • N2N offers a wide range of consulting services including strategic IT planning, assessment, project management, and implementation. Our flexible advisory approach guarantees that you receive the professional resources you need to supplement or fully-manage your IT infrastructure. Click on each of the categories below to learn more about our experience and capabilities.

Virtualization & Virtual Desktop Implementation

Let N2N Technologies your business build a powerful, resilient and affordable infrastructure for a simplified, self-managed, and dynamically optimized IT environment. N2N has partnered with VMware and Microsoft in order to serve our customers’ support needs for the world’s leading virtualization technologies. Contact us today and let us show you how.

IT Assessment

Is the cloud right for me?
Should I upgrade now or wait for the newer version of my software?
Can new hardware really allow my business to be more efficient?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, perhaps it’s time for a full evaluation of your current technology. An inventory of your company’s IT software and hardware is a critical first step to supporting it. But a thorough IT assessment is much more than a reliable asset inventory. While you might be surprised to learn how few businesses accurately track their IT assets, you probably would not be surprised how few companies actually have an IT roadmap. N2N Technologies can help you map your technology path by incorporating your business goals, client demands, users’ expertise, and current IT assets to lay out an affordable, reliable and responsible IT plan. Contact ustoday to schedule a free assessment.

Security Assessment & Risk Management

What do the industry’s compliance requirements really mean for my company?
How do I maintain ownership rights for my company’s data and enable my customers to do the same?
Can I reduce my company’s IT security risks and allow BYOD?
What is BYOD?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, you’re not alone these days. Many small- and medium-size businesses are not required to implement standards for regulatory compliance with PCI, SOX and HIPAA, because they outsource business functions that, if handled in-house, would necessitate additional attention to data and systems security. However, as consumer adoption of cloud-based software increases and the awareness that their personal and financial data is being stored somewhere in ‘the cloud’, businesses of all sizes are adopting those IT security measures in answer to their customers’ concerns, regardless of industry-based compliance regulations.

The proliferation of employee-owned smart phones and tablets in use in the workplace is cause for additional attention to corporate IT systems security. Increasingly, people are using their personal mobile devices to manage their entire life — planning family schedules, banking—and checking and responding to business emails, which presents both opportunities and risks for employers. This practice, called Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is difficult to prevent and does offer some advantages for companies. Despite valid concerns for an increased threat to network security among other risks, BYOD allows companies to enjoy the efficiency of leading-edge technologies on the employee’s preferred, familiar device. Visit the IT Systems Security & Encryption page or contact us today for more information.

Systems & Network Optimization

N2N’s proactive services help you make the most of your IT assets – server, storage, wired and wireless network, and security infrastructure – regardless of where it is in its lifecycle. With practical experience, support, and guidance to strengthen server and network performance, improve efficiencies, and extend the life of existing hardware and software. N2N partners with you understand your goals and deliver IT solutions to help you achieve them.

Identify ways to increase efficiencies at the server, storage, and network levels
Avoid unnecessary spending to replace system components that are not end-of-life
Improve secure network access for wireless devices
Deliver a more robust network to enable use of web-based technologies
Reduce contention for server resources
Increase application performance, speed and responsiveness
Improve the quality and performance of your IT systems. Reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance. Extend the lifecycle of older systems through proper patching, tuning, and proactive maintenance. Our systems administrators, storage specialists, and network engineers work with your team to gain in-depth knowledge of your business and processes to understand how technology can better serve those needs. They evaluate your current IT assets, recommend improvements, help resolve known issues, and identify and mitigate potential new ones.

Wireless Survey

To get the best performance from a wireless network, access points must be placed in optimal locations and other radio emitters, which can cause interference, must be kept to a minimum. A wireless site survey provides detailed information that addresses coverage, interference sources, equipment quantity and placement, and power considerations for a new wireless network implementation. N2N’s survey documentation serves as a guide for the new network design and for the installation and verification of the wireless communication infrastructure.

In any wireless network, many issues can arise which can prevent the radio frequency signal from reaching all parts of the facility. Something as simple as a microwave oven can cause interference. A wireless survey of an existing network that is experiencing degraded performance helps define the contours of radio frequency coverage in a particular facility. We identify regions where multi-path distortion may occur and/or areas where radio frequency interference is high and make recommendations for eliminating these and other issues.

Contact us today to schedule a wireless network assessment.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Think a catastrophe can’t or won’t happen to your business?

Think again. New research indicates that almost half of small to medium-size enterprises have no formal data recovery plan. In addition, the research shows that most SMBs in the United States are greatly overestimating how prepared they are if such an outage were to hit their business. A simple gas leak, an extended power outage, a hacker or virus attack, or a serious natural disaster can lead to complete server loss or worse. Every business should have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place for the unexpected. This involves a detailed course of action to ensure that your business can overcome a disaster and press forward in the aftermath. N2N can help you design and implement a disaster recovery plan that will get your IT infrastructure up and running when the going gets really rough. Contact us today to get started.

Software & Hardware

N2N’s services include evaluation and procurement of software and hardware in addition to installation, administration, and maintenance.  We partner directly with vendors when possible, and work through multiple national distributors to ensure the best pricing for our clients. Visit our Partners page for more information about our preferred vendors.

Technology Evaluation & Procurement  

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N2N manages the procurement of technology assets and services. This includes, but is not limited to, interviewing and selecting vendors, developing specifications, securing price quotes, preparing purchase authorizations, placing orders, tracking open orders and determining vendor compliance to specifications following delivery.

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Legacy software or hardware, older versions that are no longer supported by the vendor, includes systems that may have fallen out of regular use by a company but are still being maintained for occasional data mining or reference purposes. In addition to the availability of vendor-based support for newer software, recent versions offer many tools that could benefit the overall business.  For instance, reporting capabilities and performance are greatly improved in the newest version of SQL Server as compared to SQL Server 2000. The latest versions of Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Dynamics CRM provide dramatically new tools to drive end-user efficiency such as simplified mailbox management, enhanced collaboration, and contact relationship management.Upgrading to new software or hardware can save money by allowing users to work more efficiently, while legacy systems that are ‘kept alive’ only for occasional reference utilize computing resources that could otherwise be retired or repurposed for more optimal use.  The cost to upgrade seldom-used systems is rarely worthwhile, however, migrating the data into new systems in order to reduce server quantities saves power and labor for basic hardware and server maintenance. Migration and consolidation of hardware can also reduce the cost of backups, and eliminates the need for client agent licenses for backup and antivirus software on the retired machines. 

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N2N is committed to understanding the goals and functionality to be achieved in each implementation project and over the longer term. Throughout the discovery, planning, implementation, and post-deployment process we will continue to compare your business goals and technology roadmap to ensure that your technology investment is set up for success.Our team of network and server engineers, systems architects, desktop and application specialists combine their training and practical experience with proven best practices to ensure that implementation projects are completed on time, under budget and without disruption to your business.

Project Support

Do you have a growing list of IT projects that just never seem to get done?
Are your employees frustrated that their computers don’t work and the internet is too slow?
Don’t know where to start to make the biggest impact on your business with the least IT investment?

From email to desktops to servers and network infrastructure, technology is essential to your business. But many companies struggle to justify the cost of maintaining those IT systems regularly, let alone planning for upgrades or implementation of new technology.  Even with routine proactive support for your business’ IT infrastructure, projects like software upgrades and desktop refreshes, can’t be avoided indefinitely. Whether you don’t have the staff or skills to take on those additional projects or your IT staff is too busy, N2N’s team will plan and execute those projects. You run your business, we’ll take care of the technology.